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What Is generjee?

generjee is a free online tool to create comprehensivce data-oriented Jakarta EE applications without any coding. You can use it to start development projects from a prepared code base, tailored according to your specific project settings and your individual data model.

The produced code is ready to run on any Jakarta EE application server and is independent of generjee.

Generated technology stack: Jakarta EE 8, JSF 2.3, PrimeFaces 7.0, WildFly, Payara, JPA, CDI, Apache Shiro, Apache Maven.

What Is The Energy Of generjee?

Use the online tool to define your business requirements, click the generate button, and download the code of your new application immediately, for free, without registration and without having to set up anything on your local environment.

With generjee you will...

  • Save a lot of time
  • Start your development projects from an existing customized code base, following best practices and industry standards
  • Deliver in time with low risks
  • Impress customers with immediate development results

What Does It Generate For You?

Generjee can produce for you:

  • Ready-to-run application as a code base for starting development projects.
  • Initial project structure and configuration.
  • CRUD scaffolding: Create, Read, Update and Delete entries according to you individual data model.
  • List, sort, filter and export data.
  • Application security, user administration and user self-registration.
  • User roles with specific access permissions.
  • More features like internationalization, file upload, ...

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